The Matsyafed Net Factory has emerged as the pioneers in the fishnet industry in India. Established in the year 1966 at Ernakulam, this factory uses the latest in Japanese technology for producing good quality nets to the fishermen. This is the largest fishnet company in the public sector.

The factory can make all type of nets used in the fishing industry like gillnets, trawl nets and seine nets. It can also make nets for other applications like agriculture, trap and bird control etc. The factory produces the best quality nets using nylon multi filament, nylon monofilament, multi monofilament and polyethylene.

The factory has a production capacity of 450 MT per annum. It is equipped with 27 imported net making machines to ensure the best quality for the products. More than 50% demand for nets in the traditional and mechanised fisheries sector of Kerala is met by this efficient factory. In addition, it is also being exported showing its efficiency and quality.


1.Gill Nets

2.Purse seine nets

3.Trawl nets

4.Monofilament nets

5.HDPE nets

6.Crab traps

7.Fish traps

8.Cages for aquaculture

9.Cast nets

10.Stake nets

11.Bird nets

12.Vegetable nets

13.Agriculture net


1.Gill Nets:

All gill nets are made in nylon multifilament (210/2 ply-10mm to 210/75 ply-450mm) and monofilament (0.12mm to 0.80 mm mesh size up to 450 mm)

 2.Purse seine nets:

All type of purse seine net for sardine, mackerel, tuna, horse mackerel etc. are made.

 3.Trawl nets

Trawl nets can be made up to any size of the boat as per specification

4.Monofilament nets

All mono nets including multi mono nets from 0.12mm to 0.8 mm dia twine

5.HDPE Nets

All nets up to 3mm thickness and mesh size up to 450 mm

6.Crap traps

Traps for crab as per the customer specifications

7.Fish traps

Traps as per the customer specifications

8.Cages for fish culture

Cages for the culture of sea bass, milk fish, yellow fin tuna etc as per the specification from the suppliers

9.Cast nets

Cast nest of nylon multifilament and monofilament starting from 3 feet to any size as per the customer requirement.

10.Stake nets

As per the customer specifications

11.Bird nets

As per the customer specification to the protection of crop from the birds

12.Vegetable net

Creeping net for growing vegetables as per customer specifications

13.Agriculture nets

Nets for different farms as per the requirements


Ready made low cost fencing for crops and for protection from animals


The factory is equipped with the following machineries to produce the different type of quality fishnets

Fishnet machine

Amita make

KGC 6-50

I nos

NSA 7-60

9 nos

NSA 7-50

4 nos

NSA 9-50

1 nos

NSA 9-40

5 nos


I nos


2 nos

Toyo make

SMD I-42

2 nos

TND 0-21

2 nos

Processing Machines

Length stretching machines

3 nos

Steam depth stretching machines

I nos

Dying machine

I nos

Centrifugal separator

I nos


Contact :

Matsyafed Net Factory
Dr. Salim Ali Road
Cochin 682014
Kerala, India.

Phone : +91-484-2394410, 2391426




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