Matsyafed is an Apex Federation of 651 primary level Fishermen Development Welfare Co-operative Societies. The administration and management of Matsyafed is vested with the Administrator. The Chief Executive is the Managing Director.
      Matsyafed has a District Office in each of the nine maritime districts and one in the Inland district of Kottayam, headed by a District Manager for administrative convenience.  The District Managers with a team of supporting staff co-ordinate and supervise all the activities in the district. Of the 651 primary societies 335 are in the marine sector, 198 in the Inland sector and 118 women co-operatives.  The total membership in these societies is more than three lakhs.  The primary societies are clubbed into 51 clusters for administrative convenience based on geographical area.  The number of primary co-operatives varies from 4-8 in a cluster.  Matsyafed has a field office named Project Office in each cluster.  The field level officer functions as a friend, philosopher and guide to the fishermen community by providing necessary guidance and advice on the developmental programmes.  This officer also co-ordinates the implementation of the various projects at the grass root level and other extension activities as well.




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