Matsyafed produces a variety of value-added 'Ready-to-Fry' and 'Ready-to-Eat' seafood products of international quality. These products are marketed under the trade name of 'Matsya' and have become supreme in quality and excellence.

The Ready-to-Fry products include Fish Slices, PUD Prawns, Squid Rings, Cleaned Mussel Meat, Frozen Cutlets and the Ready-to-Eat products include Pickles and Curries.

The delicacies like Ribbon Fish, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Crabs and Octopus are currently exported to countries like China, Korea, the Middle-East & Sri. Lanka.

An exclusive Marketing Division takes care of the specific requirements of the consumers of Kerala and ensures the supply of the products with promptness. 'Matsya' products are available at all major supermarkets and other frozen food outlets spread across the southern states as well as abroad.

Matsyafed Ice & Freezing Plant

Matsyafed Ice and Freezing Plant (MIFP), situated near the fishing Harbour at Cochin, presents itself with full-fledged storage and refrigeration facilities conforming to International Quality Standards.

Matsyafed has set the highest department for itself department product quality control. An in-house Quality Control and R & D along with the most modern laboratory are dedicated entirely to ascertain that the product is of superior quality and in par with international standards.

For securing maximum raw material freshness and avoiding repeated raw material handling, a landing platform for berthing fishing vessels and a fleet of refrigerated and insulated trucks for transport have been set up.

The International Quality Standards are well met in this plant.
*Well-lit processing halls that can accommodate 250 workers at a time
*Chill room and flake ice unit with a capacity of 25 and 15 tons respectively
*The Plate freezer, tunnel freezer and IQF unit that can freeze up to 15 tons per day
*The most modern storage facility of 600 tons with direct container loading for ensuring best product quality

Product Details


  1. Sashimi Grade Tuna from the unpolluted waters of Lakshadweep
  2. Whole round fishes
  3. Gilled gutted snappers and groupers
  4. Fillets of Snapper and grouper




  1. Whole round ribbonfish
  2. Headless tailless gutted ribbonfish
  3. Fillets of ribbonfish
  4. vacuum packed\Ribbonfish chunks

1 & 2 Normally packed in 10 kilo master carton in four layers


  1. Whole round Yellow fin Tuna
  2. Whole round Skipjack Tuna
  3. Gilled gutted Yellow fin Tuna
  4. Yellow fin tuna loins

1 ,2 &3 packed in Laminated bags with weight between 30-35 kilos


Whole round Blue swimming crab
Whole round three spot crab
Half cut Blue swimming crab
Half cut Three spot crab

1 &2 in either 2 x 4 kilos per Master carton or 4 x 2.5 kilos per Master carton

3 &4 12 x700 grams per Master carton

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