Organic manure is widely accepted and utilized by the agricultural sector of Kerala as it ensures better yield and is soil friendly. Matsyafed owns two Fish Manure plants in Thrissur and Kozhikode Districts that produce agricultural organic manure. The trade name of fish manure is ‘NUTRIFISH’. Specialized products viz. Nutrifish Super Rich (for rubber), Nutrifish Vanilla mix (for vanilla) and Nutrifish Vegetable Mix (for all vegetables) are also being produced.

NUTRIFISH, the Bio Fertilizers

The 100% nutritious meal to get 100% yield, produced by Fish Meal Plants owned by Matsyafed

       VANILLA              -     NUTRIFISH VANILLA
       RUBBER              -     NUTRIFISH SUPERRICH

Nutrifish Super Organic Manure is produced in Matsyafed Fish Meal and Oil Plants, Azhikode Jetty in Trichur District and West Hill, Kozhikode. The Nutrifish Super Organic Manure is produced since 1984 and the main ingredient is Prawn shell and other fish wastes. Other ingredients of the mix are Neem cake, castor oil cake, bone meal etc. in special combination to produce the highly fertile Nutrifish Super Organic Manure. This product is highly appreciated by the farmers all over Kerala and approved by the Agricultural Department, Government of Kerala.

Salient features :

  1. Rich in NPK and micronutrient content which is necessary for plant growth
  2. Improves soil structure for good aeration and improves water holding capacity of soil.
  3. Improves soil fertility
  4. Improves microbial action in the soil causing micronutrient release.
  5. Neem cake in the product acts as an insecticide.
  6. Abundant in calcium and micronutrients
  7. Nutrifish manure gradually integrates in the soil causing slow and sustained release of micronutrients
  8. Improves immunity of plants to diseases.

NUTRIFISH : Suitable for Coconut, Arecanut, Plantain, Tapioca, Paddy and Rubber.

NUTRIFISH SUPER RICH : Suitable for Rubber, Pepper, Elaichi, Ginger, Cocoa, Clove, Pineapple etc. Also useful for coconut, arecanut etc. This brand has a good market in Kottayam and Pattanamthitta Districts.

NUTRIFISH VANILLA : Specially prepared and proven for Vanilla plantations. 100% Organic manure, highly effective for vanilla plantation.

NUTRIFISH VEGETABLE MIX : Special manure for vegetable and garden plants. 100% Organic manure.



Nutrifish, Nutrifish Super Rich and Nutrifish Vanilla Mix are available in 50Kg and 25Kg P.P. laminated bags. Nutrifish Vegetable Mix available in 1KG polylaminated pouches.

Market Availability

Nutrifish Organic manure available all over Kerala thorugh approved agents, Matsyafed District Offices and Matsyafed Vyasa Stores. The Nutrifish Organic Manure is regularly supplied through projects of Panchayats and Krishibhavans in Kerala State.

Our market share is calculated as 5% of the branded Organic Manure.

For more details , Contact :

Fish Meal Plant, Trichur

Matsyafed Fish Meal & Oil Plant, Azheekode, Kodungallore, THRISSUR
Direct : 0480 - 2819431

Fish Meal Plant, Kozhikode

Matsyafed Fish Meal Plant, West Hill, KOZHIKODE
Direct : 0495 - 2383415
Residence : 0495 - 2376174


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